There are many ways to practice dana, or selfless giving.


Your donations are a means of expressing gratitude for the wisdom and compassion of Amida Buddha. You can donate in person at the Temple, mailing a check as noted above, or via PayPal.

Please note the purpose of your contribution, e.g.,

  • General Temple donations

  • Membership dues

  • Foundation Fund

  • BWA – Buddhist Women’s Association

  • Dharma School (pre-school and elementary school children)

  • Jr. YBA (Junior Young Buddhist Association; junior high students)

  • YBA (Young Buddhist Association; high school students)

  • Lumbini’s Garden (store)

  • New Temple. Goal: $2 milliion. 107 donors have pledged ~$600k to date. Pledge levels:

    Diamond: $100,000.00 +

    Platinum: $50,000.00 to $99,999.00

    Gold: $25,000.00 to $49,000.00

    Silver: $10,000.00 to 24,999.00

    Bronze: $5,000.00 to $9,999.00

    Copper: $1,000.00 to $4,999.00

    Valued Donors: $1.00 to $999.00


Become a member

The primary benefit of membership in the Salt Lake Buddhist Temple is being part of a rich spiritual and cultural community. Temple members receive monthly mailings of Buddhist Thoughts, the Temple newsletter.

 Additional benefits:

  • Monthly BCA newsletter "The Wheel of Dharma."

  • All Temple reports, including the Annual Report upon request.

  • The Salt Lake Buddhist Temple Membership Handbook.

  • Priority for using the Temple facilities and special rates for facility usage.

  • Eligibility for various scholarships and a variety of financial assistance for attending religious retreats, seminars and classes at the local, district and national level.

  • Eligibility to serve on the SLBT Board or its affiliated organizations.

  • Eligibility to vote in Temple elections.

2019 Temple Membership dues

  • Sustaining Membership, any age: $1200

  • Children, ages 0-17: $10

  • Adults, ages 18-25: $150

  • Adults, ages 26-69: $300

  • Adults, ages 70+: $150

  • Ages are as of 1/1/2019

  • More dues information

Donations via personal check are welcome - please mail checks, made out to Salt Lake Buddhist Temple, to:

Salt Lake Buddhist Temple, 211 W 100 S. Salt Lake City, UT 84101

(Please include a note regarding the purpose of the donation.)



The Salt Lake Buddhist Temple welcomes volunteers to support our events, Temple maintenance, and various other needs. Please contact us to inquire about volunteer opportunities - we’d love to welcome you as a volunteer!