The primary benefit of membership in the Salt Lake Buddhist Temple is knowing that you are supporting Jodo Shinshu in America. Your donations and pledges are a means of expressing gratitude for the wisdom and compassion of Amida Buddha.


  • Buddhist Thoughts - monthly Salt Lake Buddhist Temple newsletter

  • Wheel of Dharma - monthly Buddhist Churches of America newsletter

  • Temple reports, including the Annual Report upon request

  • Salt Lake Buddhist Temple Membership Handbook

  • Priority use of Temple facilities at special rates

  • Eligibility for scholarships and a variety of financial assistance programs for attending religious retreats, seminars, and classes at the local, district, and national level

  • Eligibility to serve on the Salt Lake Buddhist Temple Board and affiliated organizations

  • Eligibility to vote in all Temple elections


Membership Criteria

Membership in the Salt Lake Buddhist Temple is open to everyone interested in the Buddhist path. Membership reflects your acceptance of the Nembutsu path as your guiding principle in life. Membership also expresses your commitment to financially support the Temple. The Temple, in turn, supports your spiritual growth by offering fellowship, religious services, classes, retreats, and various other functions.


Membership Dues

Membership dues are charged on a calendar year basis. You may pay membership dues via personal check or PayPal.

2019 Temple Membership

  • Sustaining Membership, any age, for those that can or want to contribute more: $1200 per person

  • Children, ages 0-17: $10

  • Adults, ages 18-25: $150

  • Adults, ages 26-69: $300

  • Adults, ages 70+: $150

  • Ages are as of 1/1/2019

BWA (Buddhist Women’s Organization)

  • $20

Dharma School (Sunday School)

  • Grades pre-k to 12: $10

Of this membership fee, a portion is given to the BCA for the National organization. A portion is submitted to the Mountain States District of the BCA, our regional group.

Membership dues information is sent to members in the Buddhist Thoughts newsletter for the major services, e.g., Hoonko and Obon. In addition, donations are usually given for special events and services. These funds are used to keep the Temple running.