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The First Annual Perch at the Church
by Trenton Yamashita

On behalf of the Dharma School, I would like to thank Steve Kato for organizing and supplying all the equipment for the ice fishing trip to Pine View Reservoir. Thank you also to Bill Sugihara for bringing up his fishing equipment, especially the motorized auger.

While we were there we had a fun time catching fish with the help of both Steve and Bill. They dug all the ice holes, made sure we always had bait on our hooks, and helped us know if we were in a hot fishing spot with their fish detectors. With 34 of us there, we kept them hopping around from one person to another.

After fishing for close to three hours we all packed up and went back to the church where we had a delicious fish fry. Since the fishing wasn’t very hot, we were only able to catch about 16 fish, but luckily Steve brought his stash of perch from home and we had plenty of fish for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you to Ellen, Valerie, and Steve Kato for filleting and cooking the fish. We would also like to thank Pam Sugihara for cooking us delicious tempura vegetables.

Thanks again for a great time and a delicious fish lunch. I’m sure everyone that participated had a great time.

We hope to have our second annual perch at the church next year and hopefully the fish will be biting and you will all join us for a fun fishing experience.  



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